Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One Fish, Two Fish...

Last Thursday Caleb and I kidnapped Jeff in the afternoon so we could go visit The Florida Aquarium. We have annual passes to the Zoo and for the entire month of September they do Swaptember with the Aquarium and Mosi. Caleb is a bit to young to enjoy Mosi, but we new he would LOVE the aquarium. One of the reason's why our family likes the aquarium is because they focus on wild life in Florida (besides the South African penguins they just got). We can really show Caleb the fish that literally live in our back yard.  

They normally have a splash park but with the weather being so icky they had everything turned off (which I am thankful for). Caleb ran around that area for the longest time. He was loving with the slide and this surf board they had.

After the aquarium Caleb passed out. This kid doesn't really like to sleep in the car (lucky me), but as soon as he was in the seat... lights out!

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