Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day Fourteen

My family.

My family... how do I even start this. They are crazy, loving, annoying, always in your face, amazing group of rascals. People always ask us what our heritage is because we are a mixture of loud Greeks, I'll hurt you if you hurt my blood Italians, drink and eat like Germans and friendly like Canadians. We just tell people we are Navy, a breed of it's own. 

The four of us have always been extremely close. We didn't grow up around the rest of our family so always depended on each other. The best times I have is the ones spent with them. Our family is together at least once a week. Jeff and I always say that we will move to Denver one day... my family said they will move with us. That would be fine with me. 

They LOVE my husband. My daddy always says he now has the son he always wanted. My momma thinks he walks on water. Aj calls him her brother... like she introduces us as her brother and sister, then I have to explain no I didn't marry my brother. We have had some odd look come our way (thanks Aj).  

My family is precious as gold!

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