Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our weekend

I love the weekends. They are full of time with friends and family, well this weekend was just that. 

Saturday morning Caleb was not letting Jeff out of his sight. He had gone entire week without seeing his daddy and more than happy to have him home. They spent the morning reading, playing hide and seek and building forts. Caleb thought the fort was awesome! 

That night we dropped Caleb off to spend the night with Jeff's parents and I had a date night with two Gable boys. Jeff, Jeremy and I drove to Ocala to see one of our favorite bands in concert. The weather was perfect out, a cool 72 degrees. We some how got an incredible parking spot (a block away for the venue) and walked right near the front of the stage.

NeedToBreathe had a pretty short set list, but they are still incredible in concert. Totally worth the drive!

Sunday we went to lunch at my parents house to play in the pool. Then we went home so we could go on a sunset cruise on the boat. Caleb is FINALLY use to the life vest. No screaming when I put it on, no clawing at it like it is choking him. He just walked around the boat. 

I am so thankful for my two gentleman. They bring so much happiness to my life.  

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  1. Your son is precious! I remember praying for him before he even existed! :) So glad to sit down and catch up with you!