Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day Three

Best Childhood Memory 

Abby... the best dog I have ever seen. My favorite childhood memory was the day we got her.

For months my dad, sister and I had been begging my momma for a dog. She finally caved, did the research and we were off to go get the new family dog. We didn't have a name picked out but we new we were getting a girl golden retriever. The drive seamed like forever to go get her (about 45 minutes). When we arrived to the breeder so many puppies were around most males and only two girls left. We wanted the hyper one... a dog that could keep up with our family.

Later that night was movie night, and we picked a classic... Young Frankenstein! If you have seen the movie then you will know what scene I am talking about, if you have not seen this movie then shame on you. The part when Igor gets the wrong brain and says "Abby someone... yes, Abby Normal". We all looked at each other and said that is the name! It fit her perfectly.

So I guess this was more of a best day at the childhood memory.

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