Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on friday

1. I am back and it is feeling good. It has been way to long since I have checked up on my friends in the blogging world. Some have had babies, new jobs and I am sad that I missed that excitement in their lives when it was happening. But I am loving catching up with everyone!

2. It is no secret that Florida has been in Spring for quite sometime now, so my new staple nail polish has been Essie's Cute as a button. It is the perfect kind of bright pink for me.
3. Frozen! Yes, we might be a little late on the amazing Frozen train but Caleb and I have been makeing up for it by watching it 800 times. Caleb LOVES that snowman so much. Whenever he see Olaf in the movie he gets so excited. I have also been singing Do you want to build a snowman? My poor hubby hears it morning and night. Sorry babe! 
4. Who else is excited that this show is back on. It makes me laugh so hard when I watch it. These guys just have a direct link to my funny bone.

5. I have been leaning on this bible verse a lot lately. God can defiantly introduce you to new things that you would have never imagined would have entered into your life. God is good and I know he has a plan... just sometime it is really hard to understand why? I guess you could say I am still in the why faze. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pink & Gold

The nursery is going to be amazing. Basically she is going to have my dream room... just babyfied. The colors are soft pink on the walls with accents of gold, white and bright pink. She is getting Caleb's nursery room as he gets his new big boy room. I am hoping to have most of it done before the baby shower so the guest can get an idea of what it will look like.

1. The bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and is called Harper, and we are getting it in Bright Pink.
2. I am ordering the monogram from the Etsy shop ExpressiveMonograms and painting it gold.
3. Found this idea on Pinterest and it doesn't have a link on it, but I am going to make it myself and place it in a white frame.
4. My changing table was passed down from Jeff's older sister Jenny. It means the world to be because my brother in law (who I feel like is my actual older brother) made it himself, along with the crib. My nephew and niece both had it when they where babies. So to girly it up I am adding some crystal knobs. Haven't decided what store I am getting them from yet.
5. Adore this pillow. Found this gem on etsy at MaxandMeHomewares. Going to look at HomeGoods to see if I can find something a little cheaper, but if not then I will be buying this beauty
6. These white frames are from ikea and are called virserum. Getting four of them and putting them behind the rocker. Then when we get her new born photo's taken, those will go in the frames.
7. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes print is from the etsy store blushprintables.
8. This little DIY project is from Veronica's Blushing blog.
9. Found these Pom Pom's on etsy at erinkeys. But will not be buying it from them. They have become my inspiration to make them myself. But if mine come out horrible then I will be ordering these.

It's a girl!

Around October of last year Jeff and I started talking about growing our family. I met with our midwife and she recommended that we start to try. It took us, what felt like a century to get pregnant with Caleb and she believed that it could take even longer to get pregnant with our next. So with that info we started... and it didn't take very long.

When I found out that I was pregnant, shock came over me! I looked at Caleb and said we got a bad test (because he totally understood me... right?). Then I took another one, positive again. Tears, laughter, shock, goosebumps came over me. I texted Jeff and told him it was a 911 and that he needed to call me. I never use that term so in seconds I got a call. Told him the news and he was just as shocked. I had to double check that he was still on the phone. That night when he came home it was giggles and tears. The Lord sure has a plan for us, and waiting for number two was not part of it.

When it came to telling our family and friends it was not as elaborate as it was with Caleb. I was deathly sick, constantly feeling ill. I thought I was dying several times. So it was a matter of some calls and the news was out. We made the appointment with my midwife and she was a little surprised to see us so soon. My doctors office now can do a blood test at 9 weeks and we can find out what our little baby is at 10 weeks. So when I got the call from my favorite nurse Nicole and she told me it was a girl, screaming happened! I was sooooooo excited! Called Jeff and my sweet hubby said I just hope she is as beautiful as her momma (LOVE HIM!).

The sad thing is with me being so sick, absolutely zero belly pictures have been taken, we didn't start talking about her name till recently and her nursery was not at all planned. But I have gone 5 weeks without getting ill and I am in full gear! Room is planned (will post about that later), name is 98% decided on (hint... it is a biblical name) and a belly picture was taken this week. So her scrapbook album will be a little thinner then Caleb's but I will make up for it with many kisses!

She is due on July 5th! But my midwife said I will most likely need to be induced in late June, due to some complication I had with Caleb. My amniotic fluid is less then the normal and my pelvic will not move. So she will be measured every week starting June 1st. So our goal is to have her room done and Caleb's 2nd Birthday pretty much taken care of (besides food). I am actually hoping she comes in late June, that way we have a big enough gap between the kids birthdays (thinking about parties in the future... I am crazy like that!)

Monday, March 24, 2014

25 Weeks!

Sorry for the hand print on the mirror. I was holding Caleb and he gave himself a high five.

How far along? 25 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 19 pounds 
Maternity clothes?  All maternity or very stretchy skirts.
Stretch marks?  No new ones. Caleb gave me plenty even after trying to stop it from happening. 
Sleep: Sleeping great but getting leg cramps every now and then.
Best moment this week:  Getting Caleb's big boy room started and then we are going to work on hers!  
Miss Anything?  Sushi and beer! My brother in laws make craft beers and I want to cry every time they have a new batch. At least I can say they smell great!
Movement:  Yes...moving around like crazy this week. She loves to kick my bladder.
Food cravings:   No 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  If I am overly tired then I start to get sick.
Gender:  It's a GIRL... Can't wait to tell y'all her name! 
Labor Signs:   No
Symptoms:   I am getting heartburn at night, leg cramps all the time and I feel like my pelvic bone is breaking.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, now that I am finally not getting sick 24 hours a day! 
Looking forward to:  Her baby shower at the end of April.

Let's Catch Up!

I can't believe how long it has been. So much has happened but I will do a quick recap for y'all.

Caleb came down with his first cold in October. He ended up getting croup and we had to do a breathing treatment 6 times a day on him. At first he would fight us and cry (while my heart broke every time) but, after the third day he was a champ. As bad as his cold was, I was impressed he was 15 months old with his first cold ever. For Halloween we dressed him up as a pumpkin. Not the most inventive costume but for a boy that didn't feel to great it worked out perfectly. 

In November Jeff and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary! How did I get so lucky to marry him! He took me to the restaurant that we went to for our first year anniversary, Bella's. I loved having a date night with him. I sipped some pink champagne while we talked about our family hopefully growing soon, what vacations to take in the coming year, and how lucky we are to have found each other at such a young age.

Later that month Jeff gave me the best gift ever. The gift of being at easy when Caleb is in the back yard... a fence! Now we can let him play and I know that crazy boy will not end up in the canal. My sweet hubby even did this on his birthday weekend. Not the best way to spend your birthday, but a very productive day.

We also got to spend Thanksgiving with both of our families. 

December was uneventful. It was all about staying in and getting ready for Christmas. Caleb did get to see Santa. Every Tuesday was Christmas movie night at my parents house. We made cookies that all tasted horrible... and I mean horrible! I would have loved to show you more pictures but my phone deleted them all. 

January we went with Jeff's family up to a cabin in GA over New Years Eve. Caleb and I were sick most of the trip. So we slept a lot, while Jeff had to take care of us. Then later that month Caleb had to have surgery on his little boy parts. Not going into detail but he is such a cool kid and handled it and the recovery like a champ.

Febuary we didn't do much expect for every Sunday we would take the boat out for Sunday Funday. No pictures thanks to my phone... Sad!

Oh and how could I forget this news.... WE ARE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!