Sunday, December 28, 2014

Three Month Old

Happy 3 month birthday
Anna Grace!

* You weigh 12 pounds
* You are wearing 3 month old clothes, but pajamas have become tricky because you are so thin and tall we have to put you in the ones that don't have the feet. 
* Tummy time is not that much fun anymore. You cry every time and it breaks my heart 
* You are still in Daddy and Momma's room. You are our last baby and I am in zero rush moving you to your room.
* You are so close to rolling, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens in a week. 
* You want to sit up all the time. If you hold our hands you instantly pull yourself up to sit. 
* You sleep from 10pm till 6am, wake up to eat about 2 ounces and then quickly pass out till 8am. 
* Still in size 1 diapers. 
* When you sleep, it is now done with a very loose swaddle. You are just like Caleb and Daddy with the way you like to sleep... on your back with both hands above your head. 
* You smile all the time (even when spitting up).
* You are the biggest cuddler. Praise The Lord for the Solly Wrap or I would never get cleaning done.

Welcome Back

Well... I have been on a little hiatis from blogging, but not due to choice. About 3 months ago my computer caught a nasty little virus (thanks to pinterest) and my handsome hubby tried many times to get her fixed but sadly she has now been laid to rest. So after dealing with the loss of my computer, I would try and blog from the iPad or my phone. That would not work at all, they both needed to update for me to be able to post anything. This was a upsetting do to the fact that I couldn't update anything (remember my computer passed away). 

So I waited for a miracle.... and waited. Then on christmas morning my handsome hubby gave me that miracle. I would like to introduce the blogging world to my new best friend, Penelope. I adore her and we have become instant bestie! She was a gift that I was not expecting and beyond thankful for!!! So yes this means that I will be cramming blogposts down your throat so my family and friends will stop asking me for many updates.