Monday, September 30, 2013

it's better than Disney!

When I think of the happiest place on earth, I am thinking of Green Bench Brewery. My hubby's good friend has opened the first brewery in St. Pete, and it is nothing short of amazing. The passion that went into everything about this place is noticeable. From the tasting rooms bar, to the beer garden outside. When you look around you just see what these guys have put into this place. To give a little history of why they choose that name is because in the early 1900's St. Petersburg was known as the "City of Green Benches". At their height some 2,500 benches lined the downtown sidewalks inviting passers-by to slow their pace and make friends of strangers. These benches were a gathering place for residents and tourist alike, and served as a symbol of our hospitality, bringing people together each day. When you visit this brewery it does just that, brings people together.

As of right now they have for deliouse beers on tap. Please check out their website and if you are ever in the area, this is the place to be!

God Bless America

This post is better late than never. Our 4th of July was spent with family and then some friends! 

My parents, Jeff, Caleb and I met up with my grandparents for lunch at Sonny's. Grandpa said we had to eat BBQ because it is American food on Americas special day. My grandparents live about an hour north of us so it was so nice to see them. After some yummy grub and Caleb making the entire family laugh we had to head home.

After we arrived home, I finished making my homemade apple pie... I will have to post that recipe soon cause it is divine, and has been passed down for 5 southern generation. I did change it up a tad with using my cookie cutter to give it a bit of patriotic flair. 

Our next door neighbors had invited us to go on their boat to see the fireworks at down town St. Pete. Caleb was pretty excited when we told him that we were going to visit his best buddy. A pretty large group met up, and we ate like kings... steak, corn, bacon wrapped aspragus and deserts.

Caleb was awesome with the fireworks, wasn't to sure how he would act and I have to admit I thought it was going to be a nightmare. But he a fearless child and dealing with the fireworks, I am thankful for that (jumping off the couch, not so much.).