Monday, December 10, 2012

lunch date

Our family all got together for a little lunch date at our favorite place... the American Legion. Caleb like always was the center of attention in this family. Gigi was holding him most of the day but Grandpa and Grandma Schoeny finally got there hands on him.
Look at those thunder thighs. 
Grandpa put his hat on Caleb and boy did he LOVE it!
He looks like dumbo.
My favorite photo of grandma and Caleb.

The Scary Shots

Vaccination were finally started for our little man. After many hours of research we decided to start them later then most babies and to make them more staggered.  The norm first round of shots are 1 oral and 6 shots... eeek, no thank you! Caleb was given 1 oral and 2 shots. Because he does not get as many at each appointment we are going every month to get them done instead of every two months. 

I was more than thankful that Gable was with us for this appointment. I can't stomach to see Caleb in pain or cry (yes daddy that is why he is so spoiled), I was fidgeting like crazy. The doctor would ask me questions and I was in a complete daze.

Caleb was weighed when got the doctors office and YES our for month old weighs 17 pounds and 7 ounces. I promise I am not over feeding him at all, I was just blessed with an extremely solid boy! After he gets weighed the measure his head, and his height.

Caleb when is the best mood that day and was completely obsessed with the paper that your lay on.

Our doctor was so impressed with how skilled Caleb is (I am raising a genius), she told us that he is doing things that most babies aren't doing till they are six months. After his shots he cried a little but daddy gave him a bottle and calmed him right down.
I am so thankful that he had no bad reaction to the vaccinations. No fever, no change of appetite (shocker)! 

6 years..... WHAT!

I can't believe that we have just celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. Time has flown by so quickly .. we have traveled to so many wonderful places, have bought our starter home, bought our dream home, adopted two of the cutest kitty's in the world and had the most adorable little boy!!! Gable is my true soul mate and I thank the LORD everyday that I met him so young.

To kick off our anniversary celebration we went to see our favorite Bulls get there butts kicked (Lets just pray that next year they win a couple of more games). Caleb was spending the night at his grandpa and grandma schoeny's so we could get a full night of sleep.

On the anniversary day Gable booked us a brew tour at Cigar City. I have been on a few brew tours and this was one of the best. 

 He is so handsome!
 You know these glasses are so sexy.
 After the brew tour we had another beer at the bar. I think we were there for two hours just sitting, giggling and chatting. I love how smitten I am with him still!
 We went and had a really late lunch out Outback. Gable thought it would be better to do an earlier meal so then we could spend time with Caleb and celebrate the rest of the day as a family of three.
 He is so handsome, my heart melts every time he smiles!

So that was how we celebrated our grand six year anniversary. It was a perfect weekend with my love"s"!

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat smell my feet.... I tried so hard to get Caleb to say that but I was sadly disappointed when he wouldn't. I guess I am asking a lot from a baby that can't even sit up on his own. Halloween this year was simple fun. Our first year in the new house, which ment first year ever having trick or treaters, and it was Caleb's first Halloween. 

The morning was spent singing spooky songs off of pandora, Caleb loved it!And putting the final touches of his costume together. 

I may have over done the decor with all of my candles but when it was dark outside every parent said it looked amazing! Martha Stewart... watch out!

Caleb was a Fox News report. He looked to dapper in his bow tie.

After being in a bow tie for awhile we changed him back into his Halloween outfit. And became security at the bowl... one candy per kid!

Halloween was a blast! Caleb went to bed around 8ish and we said outside chatting with our neighbors till about 10pm. Our first year was a success, but next year I might need to buy one more bag of candy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

the three month mark

I can't believe he is now three months old.... how is this possible! Fall is fastly approaching and I am ecstatic to start our new tradition as a family of three. We are going to be taking him to a pumpkin patch so he (I) will pick out his first pumpkin to carve. Then we (I) will roast the pumpkin seeds for a yummy treat. I know he doesn't understand what these holidays are all about YET, but he will see these memories forever in his scrapbook.
Now these are the fun little facts about him this past month...
 He LOVES to eat and drinks about 6 to 7 bottles a day, each time about 4 ounces.
This boy has a poker face so you can never tell when he is going number two and luckily for this momma it is only once a day.
This past month he found his thumb (10/12/12) and is not to sure if he should chew his thumb or suck on his thumb.
Bath time is now splash time. As soon he gets in the tub, his legs start kicking like crazy and water goes everywhere. He lights up with the biggest smile!
Now when he sleeps he will only go to bed if he is sleeping on his left side. (like momma, like baby)
Our boy is solid! weighing at 14 pounds and 25 inches long.
Clothing is about 3-6 month and that is mostly because he is so long and his cloth diapers give him a big butt!
His tummy aches are not as bad as they use to be, using the gas drops has helped tremendously.
The snuggie is the BEST thing I have ever bought him. It is a security blanket from aden + anais, and his favorite thing ever. He sleeps with them, tries to eat them and plays hind and seek with them. For now on every baby shower I go to they will receive these blankets from me. 
His sleep is so random at night. Some nights he will sleep from 8pm till 6am, and other nights he is up every two hours (like last night). 
Tummy time is always a fun time! He does it three times a day for about 15 minutes each time, holding his head up like a champ. He is still not rolling over but I have a feeling like it will be soon enough.

 As you can see in these photos, he has changed so much. And we are sooooo blessed with him. He is such a good baby!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


welcome to the gable family blog!
i am so very excited to start this little blog to keep all of our family and friends updated on our day to day life. as little caleb james is growing up so quickly this will also be a nice way for me to "journal" about his changes. i promise to do my best in updating this a couple times of week, if i start to slack then i give you permission to yell at me. 

now onto what has been happening with us. 
two weeks ago we made the decision for me to become a SAHM (stay at home momma). this is exciting and scary all at the same time, money will become a little tighter without my extra income but also worth it in the end. staying home with caleb james is truly like working for my dream job. we spend our days doing tummy time, working on sitting up, reading books and going for walks. i love helping him learn and grow and wouldn't change this for anything! 

gable (this is what i call jeff) has been working hard at work and should be settling down with his traveling very soon. we still get our date nights when we go see the usf bulls get there butts kicked in football. the games are getting harder to sit through but with this being our 6th season it feels like home to have that being our main date nights. 

we can't wait for the holidays to start up. this being our first year in our dream home we will be getting trick or treaters during halloween, hosting some fun parties around thanksgiving, and hanging christmas lights outside. we will also be celebrating all of these fun things with caleb james, i know he wont remember any of it but it is still really exciting to start our family traditions with our little family. 

i think that is all for right now, remember to check in and see what fun things we are doing.