Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prefect Photos

My hubby has put all of our digital photos together in one area so I can organize them. I have finally made it to 2012 photos and found these precious ones that my sweet sister Aj took. She knew I wanted maternity pictures taken but after buying a house... dishing $400 for a session was not an option. So Aj studied different ideas on Pinterest and she took these with a ton more. But I would defiantly say these are my favorites. 

I always forget how big my belly got when I was pregnant with Caleb, and I am so thankful that Aj captured these for me to cherish always!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up for Five on Friday today!

 I bought this adorable No Soliciting sign from Vinyl Vineyard on etsy. Could not have been more excited to get this in the mail and put it up... I just did it backwards. Grrrr I was so adjudicated that I messed it up. So now I need to order another one, so I can have this pretty up.

My girlfriend introduced me to La Croix a couple of months ago... they are amazing and I love them.

Caleb is turning ONE next week. (please hold while I cry....) We are getting the last minute details ready for his party and his big surprise on his actual birthday!

I had myself a momma's night out and went to Target. And yes that is what I am calling a night out! Bought myself a cute dress and the pretties scarf ever.

If I had about $400 just laying around, I would love to get this beautiful. I think she belong with me and I would give her a very good home.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take your kids to work

On June 28th, Jeff's company hosted take your kids to work day. They had a day full of story time, crafts and yummy food. One of the great things was Caleb was not the only baby and had many new friends to play with. 

Jeff works with some incredible people. Ken rights children books and read them during story time to all the kids. Jessica had arts and crafts ready to do that actually went along with Ken's books. And Steve ordered us a delicious Italian lunch and dip and dots as our dessert. Nariza holds a very special place in my heart and has such a gift with children, she took Caleb most of the time and played with him while I talked and caught up with some people. Jeff's office (Tampa Office) is not that big; I believe 26 total, so they all get to know each other well and it is like a family! 

Jeff had meetings most of the time we where there but whenever he was in between calls he would run out and play with Caleb. One time Caleb crawled after him and knocked on the door for him to get out. Thankfully Nariza knows how to distract him very well and we avoided a meltdown.

His office put so much work into this day. The kids all had name tags like their daddy's and mommy's do. Each kid was given a book bag with treats, a toddle company shirt, and coloring pages. 

Next year should be even more fun for Caleb and he loves to see his daddy working hard to provide for us.