Monday, November 4, 2013

7 Years of Bliss!

Day to day. Year after year. Side by side. Being with you has been the adventure of a lifetime!

7 years.
1 miracle baby.
2 cats.
2 homes.
Over 15 vacations.
Countless USF & Rays Games
3 surgeries.
5 cars.
So much laughter.

I am so honored that Jeff picked me to be his wife. He was the guy that all the girls were smitten with at our church. All the parents would say, whoever he marry's is a truly lucky girl. When started courting me (yes we courted!) I almost couldn't believe it. Jeff was interested in me. Every time he smiles my heart melts, his dorky jokes always lift me up. I love him more than anything, and he has taught me what great love is!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

30 Years

Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale!

Today is a beautiful day! My parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. 

What an awesome thing for me to say. 30 years of love, struggle, distance, kisses and memories! I am so blessed that these two are my role models for a very happy marriage. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

5 on Friday

Loving this bible verse this week. It has been posted in many places at my house.

My extremely HOT hubby gave me these pretties for my birthday. He bought the wrong size but Tory Burch is now shipping me the right ones. That store is so good to me!!!

My Origami Owl necklace of the week. Having a mom charm is the best charm. If you are interested in buying any Origami Owl then please visit me site. HERE

This morning Caleb and I had a play date with my dear friend Brittany and her gorgeous daughter, Peyton and Callie.

So excited to the WEEKEND!!!! Whoop whoop!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

This weekend I decided that I was going to take a break from my 31 challenge to spend every minute with my family. Jeff is traveling so much lately, that I was jonesen for some one on one time. It's all about what matters most!

Now for my blessed birthday weekend. Prepare to have picture overload! 

My weekend started with hanging out with my soul sister, her boys and my little man. We went to the St. Pete Saturday morning market. I love all the organic vendors with the most interesting food. We bought beet chips (Caleb is obsessed!), okra chips, goats milk feta cheese (my new favorite cheese), and had the best smoothies.

Saturday night I was suppose to meet up with my friends at Green Bench, but a migraine derailed that plan. So it was an early night for me!

Sunday I was in the mood for some fall festivities so momma and I drove an hour to Hundsader Farm. This family farm turns into a huge fall festival for three weekends out of the year. They have corn mazes, hayrides, pumpkin patches, craft shows, live music, petting zoo and the best part... a pumpkin canon! This was not my first time at the farm but if was my first time at this festival. All year long they have you pick its. I love there green beans, I bought around 8 pounds the last time I was there.   

 We could not get Caleb to sit still for a photo. So Jeff and I are going to take him to a patch closer to home.

 My word it was HOT! Poor Caleb was getting a little over heated so we left and this boy was all smiled when the AC was blowing on him!

That night Jeff had planned a date night for just us. We hadn't had one in ages and I needed my hubby time! He took me on the boat to have a nice ride on the bay. We have only had our boat for 3 weeks and this is still a learning experience for both of us. But he is a natural on the water... and so hot driving the boat. (heart is fluttering!)

After our sunset cruise we went to dinner at The Burg Bar. BEST fish taco's I have ever had. If you are in the St. Pete area then please do yourself the pleasure and eat here!

On Monday (my actual birthday) my parents, sister, Caleb and I were off to Dade City to spend some time with my grandparents on the farm. But first we needed to stop and get some hot and ready donuts at krispy kream.

My grandparent live on a farm. They use to have cattle, but with my grandpa's health not doing great they sold them. Now their acres are leased out to a goat farmer. Total win win... grandpa doesn't have to mow and those goats have acres to live in. Aj and daddy took Caleb to pet the goats and see the dogs that protect them. He was all giggles when the goats liked him. (he also got scrubbed down when he got back to the house)

That night Jeff made us a grilled chicken salad before we went on the boat. I was so excited to take Caleb to the sand bar. I was his first ever "beach" experience.

I looks like I am strangling him... I'm not.

My sweet boy LOVED the sand bar. He is one of the reasons we bought a house on the water. We want our kids to grow up with the love of family time and having the best times on the water. A little salt life baby!

After the boat ride Jeff had the sweetest surprise for me. He went out and bought a slice of cake with candles so he could sing to me.