Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day Two

Today is 10 likes & 10 dislikes

Cloth Diapers. My hubby actually was the one that approached cloth diapers and I was more hesitant (knowing that I was going be home all day with Caleb and cleaning them). But after some research, talking to quite a bit of momma's we agreed that YES we will cloth diaper. FuzzyBunz is the brand we use and LOVE them!

La Croix Water. I am a snob about sparkling water, drinking my weight in these things everyday.

Yankee Candles. Our family (me) has a candle burning everyday. I just love for my house to smell like the season.

Project Life. Becky Higgens has changed my style on scrapbooking which I am so thankful for. I love packing photos into a layout that doesn't take a long time to embellish. They now sell Project Life at Michaels... 40% off, yes please!

Simply Face Wash. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and have finally found a face wash that is gently enough on my skin, but still keeps it nice a clean.

Tervis Tumblers. This is all our entire family drinks out of. We have the mugs, water bottles, and cups of all sizes.

to do list. I feel so accomplished when I write down a to do list and cross things out when I finished something.

Dusting. Odd maybe, but I dust everyday. It is my zen time.

Fresh Flowers. Sam's Club has really good deals on flowers. Every other week we get one batch to have at our house.

Mark Makeup. It is the younger brand from Avon that has some amazing products.

my nails not being painted. It is very rare that you will see me with out nail polish.

Toys in the living room. I understand Caleb wants to bring some of his toys out into the front room, but when he is in bed those toys go away. We are setting the guest room into his playroom.

lawn work. I am so thankful that my hubby doesn't mind doing the lawn, because I can't stand it.

Humidity... I live in Florida, you'd think I would be ok with it but no I am not

No Disney for us... The hubby wont let us take Caleb to Disney until he 5. I would love to take him when he is a little over two.

Scary Movies. Can't do them at all.

jeans. I think they are uncomfortable. Never wear them.

Peas. they smell horrible, taste disgusting... I am getting oozy just thinking about them!

Dangle Earrings. I don't think they look right on me. Plain and simple studs what I like.

Not being on Time. Grew up military brat and my family is all about being on time. My hubby's family is the opposite. We call it Gable Time and it drive me crazy.

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