Sunday, December 28, 2014

Three Month Old

Happy 3 month birthday
Anna Grace!

* You weigh 12 pounds
* You are wearing 3 month old clothes, but pajamas have become tricky because you are so thin and tall we have to put you in the ones that don't have the feet. 
* Tummy time is not that much fun anymore. You cry every time and it breaks my heart 
* You are still in Daddy and Momma's room. You are our last baby and I am in zero rush moving you to your room.
* You are so close to rolling, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens in a week. 
* You want to sit up all the time. If you hold our hands you instantly pull yourself up to sit. 
* You sleep from 10pm till 6am, wake up to eat about 2 ounces and then quickly pass out till 8am. 
* Still in size 1 diapers. 
* When you sleep, it is now done with a very loose swaddle. You are just like Caleb and Daddy with the way you like to sleep... on your back with both hands above your head. 
* You smile all the time (even when spitting up).
* You are the biggest cuddler. Praise The Lord for the Solly Wrap or I would never get cleaning done.

Welcome Back

Well... I have been on a little hiatis from blogging, but not due to choice. About 3 months ago my computer caught a nasty little virus (thanks to pinterest) and my handsome hubby tried many times to get her fixed but sadly she has now been laid to rest. So after dealing with the loss of my computer, I would try and blog from the iPad or my phone. That would not work at all, they both needed to update for me to be able to post anything. This was a upsetting do to the fact that I couldn't update anything (remember my computer passed away). 

So I waited for a miracle.... and waited. Then on christmas morning my handsome hubby gave me that miracle. I would like to introduce the blogging world to my new best friend, Penelope. I adore her and we have become instant bestie! She was a gift that I was not expecting and beyond thankful for!!! So yes this means that I will be cramming blogposts down your throat so my family and friends will stop asking me for many updates. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

roll over... roll over

Well my sweet Anna Grace is now rolling over and I got pictures of her doing it the first time. This past weekend while we where in Nashville I was sad/nervous that she might do it when I was gone. But my awesome little girl waited for her momma... and on my birthday!!!!

I have a ton of posts that I need to catch up on, so be prepared to be flooded with them this week.

Monday, September 29, 2014

grandparents & dancing

I still have a hard time believing that my baby is no longer my baby, and that he is in preschool. Everything about this school is amazing which has helped me out with not having him home with me! The teachers really work on the kids one on one and it is structured like a regular elementary school. They work on all of the kids motor skills, communication and problem solving. I am not bragging on this school because my mother in law owns it.... I am bragging on it because the passion that these teachers have for these students is incredible! Caleb's teacher has a masters degree in education and could teach anywhere. I am so thankful that she is with Caleb and helping him grow!

The school hosted a little event for the grandparents. It was so sweet, they had bookmakers made for them, snacks and hats. The only grandparent that couldn't make it was my dad (golf tournament), we face timed him so he could see what was going on. 

The kids had been practicing 3 songs to preform for everyone. Caleb made me laugh so hard when he would scream... MOMMA!!! NANA!!!!! every time he saw us. We both had to hide behind people so that he would stop (but I thought it was the cutest thing ever).

Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Must Haves: 2 Month


1. The Balboa Baby Sling - Anna loves being held, but sometimes I really need my hands to either clean or cook and this sling is amazing. We have the ergo baby but she is still to small for it. This sling is normally $70 bucks but I found it at my new favorite kids consignment shop called the littlest trunk for $20. It was still in it's box and never worn. Score!!!

2. The baby swing. They don't sell the one we have anymore. It was Caleb's when he was a baby. Anna use to dislike the swing, she would cry every time she was put in it. Now she sits so peacefully.

3. My little Anna is a magician, no matter how tight we swaddle her she breaks free. These Aden + Anais swaddles are brilliant. She is trapped in them and sleeps all night long!

4. When I found out I was having a girl one of the first things I told my hubby is... "can you imagine how many bows I am going to buy her". Well I have bought my share of bows for her. The best bows I have bought are from Just my Bow Shop. Her prices are awesome and she makes custom bows!

5. This sweet giraffe puts Anna Grace to sleep in a matter of minutes. I have to be careful because it is so soothing that I feel like passing out.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Month Old

Happy two month birthday
Anna Grace!

Here are somethings to remember about your second month:

* your two month appointment you weighed 11 pounds and measured at 22 1/2 inches long.

*You are in the 59% percentile for weight and 58% percentile for length

*You are still wearing some newborn clothes, but mostly 3 month size.

*You just started wearing size 1 diapers.

*The swing you once hated, is now loved very much by you.

*You follow Caleb with your eyes and smile when you first see him.

*When I ask you to tell me a story, you start cooing and smiling at me. 

*I am brought to tears daily when I look at you!

*You are still not a big eater, about 3 ounces every feeding.

*You are sleeping through the night! Fall asleep around 10:00pm and wake up around 5:00am. You eat and then sleep again till 8:00am. 

*You love to be with me. I carry you a bunch in your sling or put your seat on the counter so you can either see me craft, clean or cook. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby Must Haves: 1 month

1. This bouncer is the best thing ever. Anna Grace will sit in it for the longest time. I love taking it from room to room with me. Never had one of these when Caleb was a baby and wished I had.

2. Milk-Saver... As any breastfeeding or pumping momma will tell you that every drop of that liquid gold is precious. This little gadget is so great!

3. The Boppy... I am sure every momma loves this!

4. MAM pacifier... I haven't introduced her to any other paci's. My midwife said this one is great and wont cause nipple confusion. I have already had a hard enough time with breastfeeding, not really wanting to add any other problems. She does seam to like them.

5. aden and anais swaddles... loved these when Caleb was a baby and loving them even more now.

6. Infantino Go Ga Ga Chime... We have this hanging on her car seat. It lets off the prettiest chime and she loves to watch it.

Anna Grace's Delivery Day

Anna Grace's delivery day was 
calm, fast, painful, beautiful, joyful, scary, surprising, 
loving, exhausting, sad, happy and so much more.

With the advice from a dear friend, let the pictures speak for themselves. But here are some interesting facts from the day!

*She was born in the same hospital room as Caleb

*We had the same midwife that delivered Caleb... Darlean I love you! Thank you!

*One of our delivery nurses was with us when we had Caleb.

*I was only in labor for 8 hours.

*We had a natural childbirth... drugs didn't work.

*My husband is my rock!

{thank you to my sister for taking some incredible pictures!}