Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

I love when weekend are full of family time, laughter and love. This weekend was just that. 

Saturday morning Jeff thought it would be fun to take Caleb to the beach for his first time. Yes we live super close to the beach but we prefer the boat life and going to the sand bar. When we started getting him ready Caleb kept saying boat, boat, boat. Pointing to the back yard and trying to open the door. He was so confused to why we where getting in the car. That boy quickly became all smiles when we drove up to the beach.

 The water was soooo cold and this boy had zero interest going in. However digging in the sand was a huge hit. After a quick trip we had to leave and get ready to celebrate Nana's birthday.

My sweet Momma was having a little party to celebrate her birthday. Besides the family they had their best couple friends. Daddy made dinner and I made dessert. Instead of making momma a cake I went with a strawberry pie... if I may say myself, it was darn yummy!

When the friends left we pulled out the guitars for some singing. The video of Caleb singing Sweet Carolina is precious! It melts my heart every time I watch it!

Sunday Caleb went to hang out with Grandpa and Nana, while we went on the boat with some old friends. It was so nice catching up with them. We where at the sandbar for awhile and then took the boat to I.C. Sharks for some good grub and drinks. 

With all the fun we had I forgot a very important thing... SUNSCREEN! And now my poor skin is paying for it. I look ridiculous and hurt!!!! 

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  1. Looks like you had some good sunglasses on though!