Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Strawberry Picking

One of my favorite times of the year is to go strawberry picking. Last week my favorite local organic farm opened up for you pick it. So with much excitement I called my friend Nicole and we loaded up the kids to go. The drive is about 45 minutes away to Dover, which happens to be the town that Nicole grew up in. Caleb was missing his morning nap... it was touch and go if he would have a melt down.

At first he was loving it, although he doesn't like strawberries (like his daddy!) he was very helpful on the picking and putting it in the bucket.

Then out of nowhere the first melt down happened. Screaming, kicking, crawling all over the floor. After a little tap on the hand we sat in the car for a bit. He cooled his mood and we went back to picking.

I was hoping to get more berries, but with the little man's bad mood we ended our trip early. I did still end up with three large gallon jugs, for ONLY $12! Organic strawberries for $12... that is a great deal and worth my time to go pick them!

We took the kids to McDonald's for lunch, with both of them having a melt down I was done! Mentally tired and done for the day.

Processing the strawberries maybe took me a little over an hour. We have a bunch of events this month and the perfect thing for me to bring is Strawberry Pie. Placed them in separate bags for each pie.

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