Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Basket Treats

Easter is almost here! This year I can't wait to celebrate it with Caleb and see his excitement on his face when he sees what the Easter Bunny has left for him. I started getting goodies for his basket in early February. Little things I know that he is going to love to play with.

I made his basket last year. I wanted it to be personalized but not cost me an arm and a leg to buy. Found the plastic bucket at the dollar store, had the lettering from scrapbooking, then I snazzed it up with some matching ribbon. I liked this basket so much, and knew one day that we would hopefully have more kids I bought a bucket in every color they sold. So our next kid(s) will all have matching Easter baskets from the bunny!

Caleb's Basket has...
Two Polo shirts, bubbles (target), sand toys (target), egg sidewalk chalk (dollar store), weird ball toy with eyes (target dollar bin), Annie's bunny gummies, and two books from Sandra Boynton. 

I might add some yogurt melts and other goodies if I happen to see anything while I am out and about. 

What is the bunny bringing your little one?


  1. Cute! Love the sand toys and books!

  2. So cute! I'm very last minute this year and just finished tonight. They are getting books about the true meaning of Easter, candy, coloring books, playdoh and a stuffed animal. I also got Curtis a basket of goodies this year because he lives candy.. A lot. Lol!