Sunday, January 11, 2015

Four Month Old

Happy 4 months baby girl! 

*You weigh 13 1/2 pounds
*You are now in size 2 diapers 
*You are a rolling machine!
*You don't like the car seat, when you are put in it the screams start and they don't end till you are out of that seat. Driving your brother to school and back is fun... entire hour of you screaming.
*Slept in you crib for the first time, on your 4 month birthday! (yes, your momma cried!)
*Waking up more at night, for along time you where sleeping through the night but lately you are getting up about twice a night.
*You have found your feet and love to hold them.
*Your laugh sounds like a dinosaur and it makes me laugh so hard! It is really the cutest thing to have this sweet little girl make a sound like she is a velociraptor.
*You light up when you see your brother and that just melts my heart.
*You are still in 3 month clothes size.

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