Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Day part 2

Our next stop on Christmas day was at my parents home. We get together with daddy, momma, grams, lil sis and her boy friend. This year we had a fun twist on stockings. Instead of my daddy and momma buying them for us we did a secret stocking exchange. Jeff had my momma and made her a stocking with everything coffee. I had Bill and vent off the wall kookie with his. That was new for us and defiantly something that will now start as a new tradition. After gifts are opened we have our amazing traditional breakfast. 
Egg and sausage casserole with fried apples and cinnamon rolls. Completely unhealthy but every bite is worth the thousands of calories!

After everyone had stuffed their face, my momma and I had the best moment together. We talked about just how truly blessed we are. That our family was all here, and Bill becoming a new member of our family. Love was present in that morning and I am so grateful for that.

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