Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Eve

I loved Christmas this year, it was probably one of my most favorite yet. Seeing everything through Caleb's eyes was wonderful. He had such excitement about everything... the tree, jesus, presents, family, and all the yummy sugary treats laying around.

I am going to be posting Christmas in four chapters. So much happened and I love all of the photos to much to leave anything out. 

Our Christmas Eve started off with going to my parents house to see my grandparents and exchange our gifts. Caleb and Anna (ok.. all caleb) loved opening up their gifts. My grandparents sold their farm this year and I know this time of year was not easy on them. Seeing the grandbabies defiantly helped with making that transition better. 

After doing Christmas with my grandparents we go to the place that makes it feel like Christmas to us. The Church that Jeff and I fell in love at, Pasadena Community Church. It is home for us, so many happy faces when we go and memories to look back on. My sister and I use to dance every year and singing with Mr. Fred. I could go on and on about what it feels like stepping back into that church. Sadly I missed a large part of the service because it was the same time that Anna goes down for sleep.

Church ended and we headed home to see the boat parade and watch a movie with Caleb. I love this time... Just our little family spending time together.

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