Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little gifts for a Big Brother!

While we are away from Caleb in the hospital with Anna Grace, Jeff and I put together some fun gifts. Everyday he will get a note from us with a little gift. Things that we know he will love and will make him feel special!

Day One... We bought him Frozen and his favorite yogurt melts. Caleb has only seen this movie twice but loved it and laughs whenever the snowman comes on. These yogurt melts are like candy to him. Win win!

Day Two... This kid is all about his cars, so naturally we got him some Hot Wheels. 

Day Three... What kid does not love chalk and play dough. 

His Big Brother gift from Anna Grace... I am not sure what day he will be coming to the hospital but when he does he is getting a fun little toy from his sister. He loves all of the little people toys so we got him the play ground set and a book about being a big brother. 

I know Caleb will have a great time with whoever is going to have him, but I want to make sure it is just a little more special! 

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