Monday, June 23, 2014

The Hospital Bag - Part One

We have two bags for our stay at the hospital when we have Anna Grace, the Labor Bag and the Hospital Bag. When we had Caleb I brought one large suitcase with everything we would need for the stay. All of the hospital staff joked with me that I brought everything under the sun for my stay here. So this time we are bringing everything in the car but only bringing the Labor Bag in with us. Then after Anna Grace has made her entrance into the world we will bring up the other bag.

Yes we have a bunch of Vera Bradley... Jeff does the marketing for them, so they spoil us with goodies!
1) We have everything packed in the Weekender. It is the perfect size to put everything in.
2) My cosmetic bag. I am not going to lie to you. With Caleb my midwife said they where going to get me ready to start pushing, and I put a little bit of make up on. I was not blessed with that perfect skin and glow, and I want the first pictures to look good! After pushing for 2 1/2 hours it didn't look like I had anything on, but will do it again just in case Anna wants to be nicer to her momma!
3) My favorite blanket. This is so soft and smells like home. That will relax me to have that.
4) The most important thing to pack. Our CBR package to give our midwife. This is something that Jeff and I feel strongly about doing when you have a baby. Maybe after Anna Grace comes I will right a post about why.
5) The cutest hospital beanie I have every seen! I was excited when I ordered this, and screamed when it came in the mail! Told my handsome hubby that she can now come!

Some other items I packed was socks for me, a jacket for both of us, snacks for Jeff and me (for afterwards), white paper for the hand and foot prints and the paper work we need after she comes. I love having these things organized so if we go into labor then Jeff knows exactly what to grab.

Ok sweet Anna Grace, we are ready to meet you!!!

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