Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby Shower Recap

I know I am way overdue for the recap of my shower. My momma has the professional photo's that where taken, and I was hoping to show y'all those, but clearly I keep forgetting when I am at my parents house to get them. So we will make due with the photo's from my iphone. 

The shower was everything and more I could have ever asked for. My momma has ALWAYS thrown gorgeous parties and puts so much detail into the tiniest thing. The entire day I just felt how much our little Anna Grace was loved! My wishes where granted with no tacky baby shower games. I was able to mingle with everyone, eat yummy food, and relax. I had also asked my momma to not have as big as a shower this time. So I capped her at 30 people. I loved that it was so much smaller (Caleb's had over 75 people!). It was not easy for her (or even me) but wouldn't change it. At Caleb's I felt rushed and was not able to talk to everyone. I love talking with people, and was sad that I couldn't personally say thank you for coming and catch up with them.

Jeff had not chosen a name for the little ballerina at the time of the shower (my southern family was not happy... they love to monogram everything. As do I), everything was labeled sweet baby gable. 

My sis and I... her drink had something extra in it. Which I deeply miss!

How adorable is the ballerina skirt my momma had made for this. I call Anna Grace my little ballerina, so momma thought it would be cute to incorporate that in the theme! This will defiantly make an appearance at her first and every birthday!

I so wish I had more to show you! Maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks I will download those photos from my parents. But with the little pictures I do have you can just see how adorable and perfect that shower was!!! Everything was pink and gold, girly and totally ME! So thankful to all of my family and friends that came to love on Anna Grace. 

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