Friday, June 13, 2014

2nd Birthday Wish List

I can't believe my baby boy is going to be 2, and pretty soon he will no longer be the baby! For Caleb's birthday wish list this year we defiantly have an outdoor theme! He LOVES it outdoors and it is where we spend most of our day. Thanks for daddy fencing in the back yard, all of our play dates revolve around the backyard. 

Even though I will have a two week old, I can't stomach the idea of not having a party for Caleb (Yes, I know he wont remember). We are not having a huge party... Just 6 of his closes friends in the backyard playing in the little pools. All of my friends know that Anna Grace will be off in another room and I do not want her passed around. For Caleb's actual birthday, Jeff is taking the day off so we can go do something fun with him. I am thinking the Florida Aquarium (it is mostly in the AC!), but Jeff wants to take him to Great Explorations. Last year was the Zoo and man it was HOT out! 

Does anyone have any other good ideas on what we can do for his birthday?

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