Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby Must Haves: 1 month

1. This bouncer is the best thing ever. Anna Grace will sit in it for the longest time. I love taking it from room to room with me. Never had one of these when Caleb was a baby and wished I had.

2. Milk-Saver... As any breastfeeding or pumping momma will tell you that every drop of that liquid gold is precious. This little gadget is so great!

3. The Boppy... I am sure every momma loves this!

4. MAM pacifier... I haven't introduced her to any other paci's. My midwife said this one is great and wont cause nipple confusion. I have already had a hard enough time with breastfeeding, not really wanting to add any other problems. She does seam to like them.

5. aden and anais swaddles... loved these when Caleb was a baby and loving them even more now.

6. Infantino Go Ga Ga Chime... We have this hanging on her car seat. It lets off the prettiest chime and she loves to watch it.

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