Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Month Old

Happy One Month Birthday
Anna Grace!

(Anna Grace was getting fussy and big brother came to the rescue and started rocking her.)

I can't believe that you are already a month old!!!

*You now weigh 9 pounds 15 ounces

*You are still wearing your newborn clothes.

*You love your car seat. As soon as you get in it you pass out.

*You don't like the swing at all, but love your baby bouncer seat.

*Bath times are so nice. You smile almost the entire time.

*If you are at all fussy (which is very rare) all I have to do is sing to you. Instantly you stop and stare at me. Your favorite song is Dream, by Priscilla Ahn

*Caleb makes you nervous. When he makes loud noises it startles you and you jolt.

*You are not that big of an eater. We are between breastfeeding and similac formula. When you have formula you eat 2 -3 ounces at a time.

*Your paci of choice is the mama.

*Tummy time is going great! You move your head side to side like a champ for about 10 minutes and then pass out.

*You wake up twice a night to eat... 2AM and 5AM. Some nights it is just 2AM.

*You are still wearing newborn diapers

*You are a total mommy's girl and I LOVE IT!!!

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  1. She is just beautiful . . . love all her hair!