Monday, August 11, 2014

A Surprise Babymoon!

 The last weekend of May, Jeff had asked me if I could clear our weekend schedule so we could visit his sister and her family. I hadn't seen them in over a month and was pumped to see my nephew and niece. Jeff took off work on Friday so we could spend a long weekend in Lake City, as far as I knew it would be a relaxed time with nothing really planned. So  for my clothes ... I packed the basics. 

When we got there it was around dinner time. We laughed, ate the best darn paleo meatloaf in the world (SIL is paleo/ crossfit queen!) and watched Caleb follow his cousins around. The kids eventually went to bed, we all chatted for another couple of hours and then off to bed we went. 

While cuddling in bed with Jeff he asked me, "do you know what we are doing tomorrow". My reply was I am taking Abby to her dance class so I can see what they are doing for her competition (my adorable niece is the youngest clogger in her county and competes. It is a really big deal and I am so proud of her!!!!) Jeff then said "nope, I am taking you away on a surprise trip tomorrow". I was in shock and trying to process what he just said. I asked him just the two of us? Caleb is staying here? Did I pack ok clothes for us? He answered all my questions but would not tell me at all what we where doing. My instructions where to be ready to go at 9:00 AM. Then he gives me a kiss and told me to go to bed. Ummmm ya you don't just drop a bomb like that and expect me to fall asleep. I couldn't stop smiling and tearing up!!! Jeff doesn't normally plan things like this... I didn't care if we where heading to a goat farm, I get 48 hours of just Jeff!!!! 

So the next morning we left and headed north. My mind was racing. Where we going to Savannah, Lake Lanier (one of my favorite places), Atlanta, or a place that have never been to before. I was on high alert and Jeff would not budge at all. We spent a couple of hours in the car laughing and telling jokes. So thankful that we have been together for 10 years now and still LOVE spending time together and laugh!!! We finally turned on to I-475 to Atlanta, Jeff gave a smile and I knew that was our destination. 

The sad thing was right after I found out, I passed out. Being pregnant with this little miss makes me so tired and Jeff told me I needed some rest for the day he had planned. 

When we where at lunch I told him we better be going to the Sweetwater Brewery. That is our thing, we always go to a local brewery and just because I am pregnant does not change that. So he then replied that we are doing three things here. The first was more for him then me (So yes we are going to Sweetwater!), the second was for me, and the third was for the both of us.

When we got to Sweetwater Brewery they had a band outside and it was the perfect day to just chill outside with an ice cold water for myself and a IPA for the hubby. We signed up for the tour (which was the hottest thing ever! Apparently they had no AC in that area of the tour... not cool!), learned some fun facts about the brewery, bought some goodies and hung out.

Jeff thought it would be funny to take my 35 week baby bump picture at a brewery. (keeping things classy!)

After the brewery I had to drive... someone sampled there share of beer. I was so nervous, driving is not my thing... driving in Atlanta gives me a panic attack. Thankfully we didn't have to drive that far at all. The second stop was another surprise for me. A stay at the Ritz Carlton! Yes please... I am do for a great night sleep!

We only had about 20 minutes to relax in our room. It was dinner time and the last BIG surprise was next. (I am thinking we are going to see a Broadway show or something like that.) We drove to Ted's Montana Grill and had a very yummy dinner. And that is when I figured it out... across the street is a concert hall. It flashed who was playing... NeedtoBreathe (queue tears!)!!! 

If you have not heard of this band then shame on you. JK, but in all seriousness this is my favorite band. They had just released a new album and the furthest south they where coming was to Atlanta. I had joked with Jeff months ago that we should drive up there to see them. Not really realizing that Jeff bought tickets the next day and had everything planned out!

On a side note... one of the things that touched me the most about this entire trip was the detail that Jeff put into so I would be comfortable. He bought the premium tickets, so I wouldn't have to wait in line. Got us amazing seats. Bought a parking pass, so I wouldn't have to walk but a half block from the venue. Those little touches made me feel so incredibly loved!

The opener was incredible! It was Foy Vance, he had the entire room quite and listening to him. He is an artist that just draws you in when he sings. Can't wait to hear him again live!

With out a doubt NeedtoBreathe put on one of the best concerts we had heard from them.

After the concert we headed back to the Ritz. I passed out! 

The next day we went to a breakfast place called West Egg. It was created by one of the guys from Top Chef (Favorite Show) and ridiculously yummy. Then headed to Lake City to pick up our little man. It was a very long drive but worth every minute of it!

I love you handsome hubby and so thankful for you!

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