Monday, March 24, 2014

Let's Catch Up!

I can't believe how long it has been. So much has happened but I will do a quick recap for y'all.

Caleb came down with his first cold in October. He ended up getting croup and we had to do a breathing treatment 6 times a day on him. At first he would fight us and cry (while my heart broke every time) but, after the third day he was a champ. As bad as his cold was, I was impressed he was 15 months old with his first cold ever. For Halloween we dressed him up as a pumpkin. Not the most inventive costume but for a boy that didn't feel to great it worked out perfectly. 

In November Jeff and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary! How did I get so lucky to marry him! He took me to the restaurant that we went to for our first year anniversary, Bella's. I loved having a date night with him. I sipped some pink champagne while we talked about our family hopefully growing soon, what vacations to take in the coming year, and how lucky we are to have found each other at such a young age.

Later that month Jeff gave me the best gift ever. The gift of being at easy when Caleb is in the back yard... a fence! Now we can let him play and I know that crazy boy will not end up in the canal. My sweet hubby even did this on his birthday weekend. Not the best way to spend your birthday, but a very productive day.

We also got to spend Thanksgiving with both of our families. 

December was uneventful. It was all about staying in and getting ready for Christmas. Caleb did get to see Santa. Every Tuesday was Christmas movie night at my parents house. We made cookies that all tasted horrible... and I mean horrible! I would have loved to show you more pictures but my phone deleted them all. 

January we went with Jeff's family up to a cabin in GA over New Years Eve. Caleb and I were sick most of the trip. So we slept a lot, while Jeff had to take care of us. Then later that month Caleb had to have surgery on his little boy parts. Not going into detail but he is such a cool kid and handled it and the recovery like a champ.

Febuary we didn't do much expect for every Sunday we would take the boat out for Sunday Funday. No pictures thanks to my phone... Sad!

Oh and how could I forget this news.... WE ARE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!

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