Monday, December 10, 2012

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat smell my feet.... I tried so hard to get Caleb to say that but I was sadly disappointed when he wouldn't. I guess I am asking a lot from a baby that can't even sit up on his own. Halloween this year was simple fun. Our first year in the new house, which ment first year ever having trick or treaters, and it was Caleb's first Halloween. 

The morning was spent singing spooky songs off of pandora, Caleb loved it!And putting the final touches of his costume together. 

I may have over done the decor with all of my candles but when it was dark outside every parent said it looked amazing! Martha Stewart... watch out!

Caleb was a Fox News report. He looked to dapper in his bow tie.

After being in a bow tie for awhile we changed him back into his Halloween outfit. And became security at the bowl... one candy per kid!

Halloween was a blast! Caleb went to bed around 8ish and we said outside chatting with our neighbors till about 10pm. Our first year was a success, but next year I might need to buy one more bag of candy.

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