Monday, December 10, 2012

6 years..... WHAT!

I can't believe that we have just celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. Time has flown by so quickly .. we have traveled to so many wonderful places, have bought our starter home, bought our dream home, adopted two of the cutest kitty's in the world and had the most adorable little boy!!! Gable is my true soul mate and I thank the LORD everyday that I met him so young.

To kick off our anniversary celebration we went to see our favorite Bulls get there butts kicked (Lets just pray that next year they win a couple of more games). Caleb was spending the night at his grandpa and grandma schoeny's so we could get a full night of sleep.

On the anniversary day Gable booked us a brew tour at Cigar City. I have been on a few brew tours and this was one of the best. 

 He is so handsome!
 You know these glasses are so sexy.
 After the brew tour we had another beer at the bar. I think we were there for two hours just sitting, giggling and chatting. I love how smitten I am with him still!
 We went and had a really late lunch out Outback. Gable thought it would be better to do an earlier meal so then we could spend time with Caleb and celebrate the rest of the day as a family of three.
 He is so handsome, my heart melts every time he smiles!

So that was how we celebrated our grand six year anniversary. It was a perfect weekend with my love"s"!

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