Monday, December 10, 2012

The Scary Shots

Vaccination were finally started for our little man. After many hours of research we decided to start them later then most babies and to make them more staggered.  The norm first round of shots are 1 oral and 6 shots... eeek, no thank you! Caleb was given 1 oral and 2 shots. Because he does not get as many at each appointment we are going every month to get them done instead of every two months. 

I was more than thankful that Gable was with us for this appointment. I can't stomach to see Caleb in pain or cry (yes daddy that is why he is so spoiled), I was fidgeting like crazy. The doctor would ask me questions and I was in a complete daze.

Caleb was weighed when got the doctors office and YES our for month old weighs 17 pounds and 7 ounces. I promise I am not over feeding him at all, I was just blessed with an extremely solid boy! After he gets weighed the measure his head, and his height.

Caleb when is the best mood that day and was completely obsessed with the paper that your lay on.

Our doctor was so impressed with how skilled Caleb is (I am raising a genius), she told us that he is doing things that most babies aren't doing till they are six months. After his shots he cried a little but daddy gave him a bottle and calmed him right down.
I am so thankful that he had no bad reaction to the vaccinations. No fever, no change of appetite (shocker)! 

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