Tuesday, June 18, 2013

little man's first haircut

On April 21st I finally caved and said yes to getting Caleb his first haircut. His bangs were to long and they kept going in his eyes. I tried to convince Jeff that we should leave the rat tale but he said no. The big thing we both agreed on was he should go to a Barber Shop! Southern boys don't go to the salon, they go to the barber. And when we starting thinking about which barber we figured might as well take him to the famous Tim's Barber Shop. If you live in St. Pete then you know what we are talking about. I would say about 60% of the cars here have the Tim's Barber Shop bumper sticker! 

When we were leaving to go I was in almost tears! This was almost harder then his first shot for me. I think it was because he is getting so big. Emotionally I was not anticipating this till he was a little over a year. 
 Here we are sitting in Tim's Barber Shop waiting for Caleb's turn. They have it decorated pretty cool inside. It looks like a barber from the 1920's.

 Caleb was all smiles with the Lady... yes I said lady. Tim's Barber Shop is so famous cause cute girls in tattoo's are cutting your hair. I was not totally aware of this, but having the lady was great. She knew how to have patience with the little man.

 As long as Caleb has his ducky, than everything will be ok.
 All done! I am so happy he did so well. I was completely expecting that he would kick and scream the entire time. 
 Ok in this picture with me holding him, his haircut looks like a weed whacker cut it, but I tried to part his hair so it made it look like that. I can't believe how big he is getting!

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