Tuesday, June 18, 2013

10 years...

10 years ago today one of the most special people in my life went to heaven. My grandpa was an incredible man. He had so much love in his heart. I remember as a kid growing up in the Navy, when we would come to St. Pete to see family and getting so excited to hug him. He truly gave the best hugs! 

When I was a kid Santa would send me a letter every year, I now know it was my grandpa who sent them. He would show his love in little ways like that... would stand outside his front door until our car was completely gone, and I would wave the entire way.  He ALWAYS said I Love You to my sister and I! 

 My favorite photo of my grandpa and me. His smile was the best!
 My grandpa's favorite place to go was this land they had for deer hunting. So when he passed that is where they laid his ashes and planted a gorgeous oak tree. I was not able to 10 years ago, but in 2010 my parents took me to go see the land. Seeing grandpa's tree was one of the best feelings, I don't even know if I could explain it,but it felt like I was standing in my grandpas heaven. It was so peaceful, and the air was so crisp. One of the most breath taking places I have ever seen. 

Caleb was born on his birthday. When the doctors told me I was due July 16th, I just looked at Jeff and said it is going to be the 18th. And what do you know... I was right! That was so special for my daddy and grandma to have Caleb born on his birthday. 

Knowing that my grandpa is looking down on my family from heaven is so comforting. And when it is my time to go and see him, I can't wait for my hug! I love and miss you very much grandpa!!!!

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